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Fred Sablan, born April 28 1970, is an American musician from California, who is best known for being the bassist for Marilyn Manson during the Born Villain era (2010-2014). He is also the bassist and occasional guitarist for Goon Moon. He was also the bassist for Butcher Holler, and the guitarist for Crack.

In the late nineties, Fred Sablan performed as the guitarist for the punk rock band Crack, which was described by journalist Todd S Inoue as Cupertino’s punk-noise surrealists. Later he was the bassist for the band Butcher Holler, and contributed to their album titled I Heart Rock which Sablan describes sounding like Black Sabbath mixed with Roxy Music. Butcher Holler broke up shortly after opening up for the Foo Fighters. Since July 2007, he has been involved as both a bassist and occasional guitarist for Jeordie White‘s side project Goon Moon.

In July 2010, it was revealed that Sablan had been named as the new bass player for Marilyn Manson. Sablan was involved with the recording and writing of the album Born Villain and performed 163 shows with Marilyn Manson from 2012 to 2013 (also on co-headlined tours with Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie).

Fred is currently in Los Angeles recording with a few projects, including hip hop artist Cage and the band Marriages (featuring Emma Ruth Rundle) in 2014. Recently he revealed a new project name GHOST GROPES, which will be used as an umbrella name for various music projects. He has also been performing live with 8mm and Spirit in the Room. Fred is currently the bass player for Queen Kwong, which also features Wes Borland on guitar and Hayden Scott on drums.

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06/30 Denver, Lost Lake Lounge
07/03 Chicago, Subterranean
07/05 Cleveland, The Grog Shop w. FAILURE
07/09 Cincinnati, 20th Theatre w. FAILURE
07/10 Detroit, Small’s
07/16 Portland, Asylum w. FAILURE
07/17 Syracuse, Westcott Theatre w. FAILURE
07/18 Westbury, Space w. FAILURE
07/21 Nashville, 3rd & Lindsley w. FAILURE
07/23 New Orleans, Republic w. FAILURE
07/25 Austin, Emo’s w. FAILURE


Marriages – Salome (2015)
Marilyn Manson – Born Villain (2012)
Butcher Holler – I Heart Rock (2003)
Crack – Losing One’s Cool (1997)
Crack – Pooberty (1995)

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Exclusive Fred Sablan Interview

Former Marilyn Manson bassist is currently working on a lot of music projects including DJing, touring for Queen Kwong and recording for Cage and Marriages. Now with Ghost Gropes, musician Fred Sablan is about to release his first. Here is a full and detailed recap for you.

Vincent Verrecchia: You helped recording Marilyn Manson’s Born Villain (2012, Cooking Vinyl) and have been playing bass guitar on his Hey Cruel World Tour. Last year you have left the band, on good terms. How was those four years?
Fred Sablan: Incredible and life changing. I felt and still feel very fortunate to be a part of the band during that time. Manson is a true artist and I learned a lot from him. And obviously, I loved getting to play those bass parts created by my best friend Jeordie. Proud of my time in the band and I can't thank the fans enough for being so supportive.

VV: You have previously recorded music for hip hop artist Cage and the band Marriages. When will the music be available?
FS: The Marriages album will be out April 7th and is called Salome, it's such a great album. Excited for people to hear it! I've been friends and a fan of that band a while, so it was an honor to play on a few songs. Cage and I recorded some music, but not sure when that'll be released. We've talked about working on more too. It's an easy set up and we just throw ideas out and see what works.

VV: Since last year, you have been regularly playing bass for a Los Angeles based band called Queen Kwong with your longtime friend Wes Borland. Should we consider you as a member of Carré Callaway’s band?
FS: Yes I'm a member of Queen Kwong. I've known Carre for years and Wes is great friend. It all just timed out perfectly for us to play music together. Plus, Hayden Scott is an incredible drummer. Shows are pretty electric and we're all enjoying playing together. Excited for our little residency in London next month. Hopefully doing a bbc session with Daniel Carter too.

VV: You have been recording a lot recently, under the name Ghost Gropes, your solo project. You know how excited I am. What’s the concept behind it?
FS: That's my favorite thing right now. I've been working with Jason Christopher being engineer and all around helper of getting my music recorded. It's kind of like an umbrella of ideas for different music. One part will be for film score. Then there's songs that are more in the rock, electronic, punk, noise sound. I just keep in mind that there's no wrong sound or mood for these songs. Most important has been pushing things farther than I've done in the past. There's also a whole chunk of songs that will have guest collaborators. So the name Ghost Gropes will come with attachments to go along with what it's intended for.

VV: Will it be an instrumental record? What are the guitars and amps you’re using on the album?
FS: It'll be half instrumentals and half with vocals. I've got a bunch of guitars and basses in my home studio, so it's whatever the music calls for. My main bass is a Nash Guitars P63. People saw me playing it when Manson played Angel With the Scabbed Wings on that last tour. I use telecasters and a starcaster too. Really having fun with this Fender VI I just got. It's between a bass and a guitar, weird and cool. But again, there's a lot of pedals, guitars, basses, and amps here to mess with. And my main bass amp is an Ashdown 900. My favorite amp

VV: You have been DJing for Damien Echols exhibition in New York last week, I assume it was an honor…
FS: Yes, that was a true honor. Had a great time DJing for his exhibition. I can't say enough about how amazing Damien is. I've been a longtime supporter, but really it's been great being friends with him over the past couple years. Such a sweet man and incredible artist.

VV: Thanks for your time Fred. Is there anything else you would like to share?
FS: There's a few things happening later this year, but they're secret for now. Wait for announcements in the coming months!